Send in the Clowns!

Clown Spotting is a new photo app that allows you to add a picture of a playful clown to any picture. Share and surprise your friends.

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By popular demand, get our first Premium Pack:

Scary and Creep Clowns for Introductory Pricing of $1.99


Be the First on Your Block to Spot a Clown!

Disappointed you haven't been spotting clowns like all your friends? Well, maybe they haven’t either and are just using our app!

Prank Your Friends by create your own special Clown Spotting moments and share them!

*Your results may vary. We don’t advocate scaring people who have Coulrophobia, that’s not cool. Be kind.


A (Clown) Picture is Worth 1000 Words

Do you love clowns? Big happy faces, slapstick, circus tricks, bright colors — who doesn’t like the positive energy that clowns generate

Simple to use

Fun for all ages

Understanding Clowns

Do you know someone who hates clowns? Do they suffer from Coulrophobia (fear of clowns?) Well- this app might not be great for them, but it might help you understand why clowns trigger fear reflexes in some people.

Positive energy generator

Makes photography fun again!